CloudBank Core Banking

The base module is considered here as the base of the banking application. It is divided into four parts that make up the main menu.

It contains essentially the creation operations, settings, configuration, updating and management based on application data.

Front Office
It presents the operations conducted directly with customers at the counter EMF.

Back Office
It has operations that do not necessarily MADE before or with the customer.

It is used primarily for printing reports.

CloudBank Dashboard

Allows Managers to have an overview of management indicators in a table in graph form, instantly on their PC or mobile phone. settle on an Android phone updated every 30 seconds the following states:

CloudBank ATM

CloudBank The solution also offers the ATM machine Bank, which allows for eight-day operations. Note that existing ATMs until that time on the market offer more than five current operations:

CloudBank Web Mobile

This is a web application for a banking client of do some operations on his phone:


This is a CloudBank product that has been designed to the daily collection of the most productive EMFs.
This is a device connected to the central system of microfinance (CloudBank) enables real-time to consolidate all the activities of agents in the field.