• Banking Software

    rich. robust. flexible

    • Rich Web Application
    • TeleBanking
    • Multi-agency, multi-consolidated
    • Enriched User Experience
    • No Machine Room
    • Multilayered Security
  • Rich Web Application

    An intuitive application, effective. For more profitability and more productivity.


    Give your customers the best mobile experience

    Banking operations (Balance Inquiry, Historic, Transfert...)
    avalaible on the mobile of your customer, all hour, all days.

  • simplified administration

    cloudbank dashboard

    • Overview of your activity
    • Consolidated Data
    • Also available on smartphone

    Experience a new way of making collections

    360 visibility across all transactions in real time.

  • CloudBank ATM

    Your customer cant conduct transactions anytime.

    Banking operations (Balance, Cash-out, Historic, Transfert, Cash-In...)
    available self service all the time.

Why migrate to CloudBank?

Feature Richness
All the microfinance business integrated in a single module and is available the first installation.
Reducing operating costs
In centralized mode of resource sharing in a private network (internet, telephone, database ...)
Multiplication of financial services
Creation of new services on the fly. ATM. Mobile Banking. Web Banking.
Eliminating risk of error and fraud
Automatic recognition and real-time transaction and related costs.
Multi-level Security System. Application. Network. Data.
Rapid Deployment
Automated data migration. No installation necessary agency.

simple. modern. productive.

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